The Flock is Back

Student Council brings the sunshine back to Silverado


Kristyann Esteron

 Student Council hosts an array of lunchtime activities throughout the first week, involving games such as foursquare and musical chairs while blasting music to awaken the Skyhawk spirit.  

Kristyann Esteron, Editor in Chief

On Aug. 9, Silverado High School welcomed back students to full-time, in-person school for the first time since the pandemic. From posters plastered throughout the whole school, to the front office decorated with window paint, to blue and purple stars scattered throughout the hallways, students were welcomed with a giant exciting atmosphere to start off the new school year.

Kicking off this new school year, Student Council and the cheerleaders offered huge welcomes to students and teachers. Students packed in the courtyard, some eager and some nervous, reuniting with friends they haven’t seen in a while or asking for help in their new classes. Whether for freshmen or seniors, the return of school was still a fresh new experience after a year of online school.

For incoming freshman Diego Ramirez, his favorite thing about the first week back to school was just the feeling of knowing that there is a brand new school year ahead, starting off with new people and fresh activities for people to explore. 

“It’s just like when you have a blank canvas in front of you,” Ramirez said. “You know the feeling you get when you’re deciding on what to draw? That’s how I feel when I’m at school – scared of messing up but excited to make something special of it.”

Although Ramirez has not had all that much time to explore campus, he feels connected to it.

“For me, the campus always feels really alive and full of energy,” Ramirez said. 

Ramirez is a member of Student Council and looks forward to planning and hosting more events for the student body as he loves getting invested in the things he is passionate about. He’s also working on his work ethic and making sure he manages his time well. 

Yae’shawn Butler, 10, found it easy to adjust to in-person school again because it felt like he never left. Once he got back into classes and saw familiar people, it was everything he remembered and better because it was a common feeling of happiness amongst him and his peers. They were all happy to be back.

“I love being on campus,” Butler said. “I like walking the halls with my friends, and chatting in class, going to lunch, the whole experience. I can’t describe how it feels to be back on campus because it’s something we have taken for granted, and now we are just happy and trying to take in the experience all while enjoying ourselves.”