Silverado dominates Shadow Ridge 50-29

Skyhawks take home 2nd W of the season against the Mustangs for our first home game


Kristyann Esteron

On Aug. 27, the student section roars with cheers and the bleachers grumble with foot stomps as Skyhawk offense moves up the ball.

Kristyann Esteron, Editor in Chief

On Friday, Aug. 27, the Varsity Football team passed its way past Shadow Ridge Mustangs in a much-anticipated game, becoming the number one team to watch in Class 4A.

The stands filled up quickly for our first home game of the season with roaring cheers that give energy to the Skyhawks.

Leading up to the game, predictions floated around saying that the Skyhawks would be down by seven. However, the tables turned early on in the game when quarterback Brandon Tunnel, 11, threw some quick passes and drove into the end zone to earn Silverado 7-0 within Skyhawk’s first possession. Later in the quarter, senior Jaden Thrower put up a 50-yard touchdown reception to put Skyhawks ahead 15-0 later in the quarter. 

The Skyhawks boosted their point with more touchdowns, this time by junior Shyne Johnson with a 35-yard interception return leading 36-7 at halftime.

“The predictions were what made us have that energy to compete and prove them wrong,” Johnson said. “It made everyone think that we were the team that was supposed to lose. It felt great when we won because we knew we could pull through and show who was the better team.”

Head coach Andy Ostolaza made use of QB Tunnell’s passing skills along with various outstanding receivers to an advantage. The Skyhawks had previously been more of a rushing team, so changes in the offense weren’t expected from the opponents, resulting in a Silverado win.

“Our offense went over passing more during the off-season,” senior Derrick Lyons said. “Our skills positions did 7v7 games during the offseason, so that really helped us in terms of play-calling and put the other team on edge with not knowing if we’re going to run or pass.”

Defensively, the Skyhawks put up a strong force right from the start, setting a tone for the rest of the game. Johnson’s interception in the first half along with junior Chris Federico’s tackle for a loss really established the compelling power of the defense. 

Having several seniors on the team really emphasized the bond the team has created in working together. Some of the football players have even been playing together since they were six, so that chemistry was always there. 

“What makes us a good team is our ability to rely on each other,” Lyons said. “We can really count on each other to do the job that needs to be done, so that we can succeed to our best possible limit.”