Q & A: Senior Spotlight

Alyssa Lalos explains her soaring endeavors


Courtesy of Alyssa Lalos

Alyssa Lalos takes a selfie of her goth look. Lalos is inspired by 1980s goths, punks, and new wavers who made use of thrift stores, hand-me-downs, and sewing machines to craft their own unique outfits.

Kristyann Esteron

Kristyann Esteron of the Silverado Star: What are your plans after high school? 

Alyssa Lalos: After graduating, I intend to study at a college majoring in either pharmacology or biochemistry, depending on the school. For the past few months, I’ve also been considering a minor in public health policy in tandem with my pharmaceutical major. During this time, I’d like to pursue an internship at a research facility to better acclimate myself to the work setting I plan to spend my career in. I’ve been intending to seek a career in pharmaceutical science since the eighth grade, and I’m absolutely ecstatic at the fact that graduating high school and enrolling in a college with the right specialties will put me a step further on the course of this dream of mine.

Star: What are you passionate about? What are your interests?

Lalos: At the core of all of my interests lies my passion for learning and expanding my knowledge in foreign realms and eras. My largest interests include listening to post-punk music; collecting retro memorabilia such as 1980s music magazines, cassettes, and records; and experiencing classic cinema, art, and literature. I can be found expressing these interests by wearing customized clothing articles that showcase my favorite bands, listening to music on my turntable or Sony Walkman, and writing reviews about my latest movie watch.

Star: What activities do you participate in at Silverado?

Lalos: I’m active in the marching band and several club organizations. Presently, I am president of the National Honor Society, captain of the Varsity Quiz team, co-vice president of Mu Alpha Theta, vice president of Band Council, and co-field captain of the marching band.

Star: What kind of work do you do to fulfill these duties? 

Lalos: Holding high leadership in a club means that I play a large role in facilitating club meetings and working with advisors to plan for future projects and events. For example, in NHS, I research local volunteer opportunities for teens in the valley and email the people who run various community service collectives for opportunities to collaborate and introduce my club. On a weekly basis, I put an estimated two hours toward my work in NHS, two hours toward Varsity Quiz now that the competition season is approaching, and between nine to twenty hours toward marching band, depending on whether or not it is a show week. When the marching season ends in early November, I will have the time to put more effort forth in both Band Council and Mu Alpha Theta. Marching band and NHS require the most time and effort from me, and they’re dually my largest affiliated organizations with each ensemble comprising approximately 65 people.

Star: What are you most looking forward to during senior year?

Lalos: More than anything, I look forward to the memories that I will make with my friends. For as much as I cherish my alone time, I feel I have a duty to fulfill in saying “yes” to every prospective plan that a friend proposes because I know that the chance to have a great time during my last year in high school lies within my answer. I harbor a lot of gratitude for all of my incredible friends for being such amazing sources of support and comfort. I treasure all of the time that I’ve been spending with different people lately, and I’m excited to see what the rest of senior year has in store for me in that regard.

Star: If you could give underclassmen advice, what would it be?

Lalos: Concerning academic responsibilities, I would advise underclassmen to challenge themselves in at least one course per year and to craft good, honest relationships with their teachers. There is value in both being mature enough to recognize your capabilities without overwhelming yourself or bankrupting yourself of energy for school and being aware of your potential enough to see an opportunity to hone your skill in a particular subject. I would suggest underclassmen, and all students for that matter, to find a good balance of both aspects. Regarding social lives, I would advise underclassmen to widen their horizons and speak to people in different circles and classes than yourself. Surrounding yourself with a colorful, diverse array of people reflects upon your own character and in turn, makes yourself a more complex, knowledgeable person.