Black Student Union creates fun experiences for students


Courtesy of BSU

Silverado’s Black Student Union members gather after one of their club meetings.

Samarrah Shoroye, Staff Writer

On Oct. 21, Silverado’s Black Student Union (BSU) hosted a Halloween movie night for students. 

Students were invited to hang out with each other and kick back in the school’s cafeteria. They watched the 2003 fantasy Disney movie, “The Haunted Mansion” starring Eddie Murphy. 

Silverado’s BSU provides a safe place for black students by black students who are focused around the struggles and hardships of being black.

 They focus on educating the black youth while cultivating the future black leaders of tomorrow.

They create fun experiences for young African Americans while educating themselves, their community and the people around them. 

While learning from their peers, BSU members focus on giving back to the community, fundraising, and hosting school events.

During the middle of October, they sold candy grams to students that were delivered to students before Halloween.

On their instagram, @silverado.bsu, the club posts the different fun things that they do. For example, they took the freedom fighters bus tour where they learned about the history and roots their ancestors and other black role models who came before them in Las Vegas.

The BSU meets on Thursdays in room 308 from 1:30 to 2:30. For more information, you can DM them at @silverado.bsu or email their President Ashley Jackson at [email protected] or their vice president, Jazzlyn Rainey at [email protected]