Q & A: Senior Spotlight

Nicole Garcia describes final year with band, her second family


Courtesy of Nicole Garcia

At the beginning of the school day, senior drum major Nicole Garcia enjoys the morning sunshine during her band class from the view of her scaffolding.

Kristyann Esteron, Editor in Chief

Kristyann Esteron of the Silverado Star: What are your plans after high school?

Nicole Garcia: I want to head to either UNR and/or UNLV to study political science.

Star: What are you passionate about? What are your interests?

Garcia: I love to help those that do not have a voice. I work hard so I have the privilege to be able to have the opportunity to help certain communities that I know need help, to finally give them a voice they deserve. Being in Student Council has opened my eyes to how good I have it and how other programs just can’t compare. I am passionate about making other communities and programs at our school stronger and heard.

Star: What activities do you participate in at Silverado?

Garcia: Two of my biggest activities that I have completed during all four years of Silverado are Student Council and band.

Star: What kind of work do you do to fulfill your duties as a drum major for marching band and as 2nd VP of StuCo?

Garcia: Band this year has progressed a lot. During the marching season, the band and I would put in an average of eight hours of band a week. That is NOT counting morning rehearsals, football games, or competitions. Those eight hours only take up the rehearsals we would have on Mondays and Fridays! Student Council also takes up my time with a lot of service events and after-school deco set-ups.

Star: What are you most looking forward to during senior year?

Garcia: Honestly, something I am looking forward to my senior year is enjoying what I have left of it with my friends. The band is the closest thing I have to a 2nd family. Seeing how much the amazing people and the program have grown makes me so incredibly happy. It has been such a great journey, with them and I know one day soon I will need to say goodbye. I want to enjoy it while it lasts.

Star: If you could give underclassmen advice, what would it be?

Garcia: If I could give advice to underclassmen, it would be to not put your love, effort, and skills into a program that will not appreciate you. I know you want that officer position, I know you want that credit from your advisor and/or that community service award, but it all won’t be worth it when that program is making you feel small and unheard. I promise you that whatever you are doing when it comes to leadership or any program you participate in, it is not the only thing you will find in your life. There is something out there for you that will just click. Trust me, you will notice the difference where you are in an environment where you are listened to, appreciated, and loved. It’s okay to let go of something you have always worked so hard on. I know it’s hurting and draining you; trust me, it is time to let go.

Star: What is your proudest moment in high school so far?

Garcia: I think my proudest moment so far in high school is becoming a Drum Major. In my junior year, I was selected to be a Drum Major, but because of Covid, I never got to uphold that position that year. Usually, Drum Majors are seniors, and getting selected to be a Junior Drum Major was a huge deal. Being a Drum Major this year was still a huge honor as well. I am proud to have finished my last season of marching band as a Drum Major.

Star: What are some of your goals for this year? And how are you accomplishing them? 

Garcia: One of my main goals for this year is is to raise as much money for our band as possible before I leave school. The band program at Silverado has my whole heart, and I firmly believe it deserves everything good. As the band is progressing, I know they are in need of more new instruments, more props for shows, new uniforms, etc. With all the skills that I have learned all of high school and the resources I have gained, it will be all going to the program so when I leave, I’ll know for sure that the money I have raised this year has made a mark. I’m gonna help this program as much as I can until the last second. Keep a lookout for fundraisers that are coming up for the band 😉

Star: Is there a certain motto or quote that you live by? What do you always encourage?

Garcia: There is more out there for you, you really can’t predict what your future going to look like, the universe has something else planned for you and that’s okay.