Women’s Varsity Soccer

Women’s Varsity Soccer wraps up with a 16-3 season overall.


Ms. Carter

The Girl’s Varsity Soccer team after a nail biting winning game against Spring Valley on Oct. 7.

Giselle Lopez, Co-Editor in Chief

On Monday Oct. 22, the bleachers were filled with cheer and smiles as the Girls Varsity Soccer took to the football field to play their senior night game against Clark High School. 

Nine seniors this year walked across the field with their parents and loved ones. 

The girls celebrated their accomplishment of participating in a sport as a senior, highlighting the amount of years they’ve played, their favorite memories, and their future endeavors. 

We congratulate Sicila Franklin, Giselle Lopez, Jamie Nekoba, Riley Collins, Carley Garza, Bailey Martin, Vanessa Mann, Haley Bigler, and Justine Rude as our senior soccer players.

Although there was a lot to celebrate, there was more to come after senior night when  the girls went into the state semi-finals after beating Clark 3-2 in the playoffs on Nov. 6.

The semi-final final game against Bonanza on Nov. 12 was a tough battle, as the girls fought through a 0-0 score, including two overtime periods. The Skyhawks were defeated in a round of penalty kicks losing 2-3. 

Although the loss was disappointing, it was a huge accomplishment to get to the state semi-finals for the first time in years. Overall, it was a successful season.

“My favorite memory was warming up the bench for my teammates!” Sicilia Franklin said, laughing about how she and three other teammates bonded while sitting on the bench for most of the season. 

For senior night against Clark, the soccer girls won 1-0 with a goal from Jaycee Tonner, 11. 

The Girls Varsity Soccer team had a 16-5-3 season overall. The conference record was 11-1-3, and there were 79 goals scored for the total season. 

“This season was so much fun,” said senior Jamie Nekoba.  “I had a great time playing a sport I love with this team.” 

Many players will miss playing on the soccer team after they graduate and seeing their teammates every day, while others are glad to graduate and move on to play in college. 

“Soccer helped me grow as a person and form forever lasting friendships that I’m so thankful for,” senior Justine Rude commented.