To Sleep or Not to Sleep

Social media account cracks down on sleeping students


Jaden Whiley, 11, slumped in a lunch line. Nov 30

Grace Kelly, Reporter

As exam week inches closer and closer after the Thanksgiving break, Silverado students inevitably end up pulling all-nighters in order to study and turn in work by the cutoff date of Dec 8.

Naturally, these students can’t help but doze off in class, but what if there was some way to prevent it?

Well, you’re in luck. Ever since their first post on Nov 23, the Instagram account @silveradoslumped has cracked down on over 150 students who happen to snooze in class.

For those of us who tend to nod off, the account serves as a reminder of the consequences, not just being called on by a teacher who attempts to wake you up, but to risk refreshing your Instagram post-nap just to find yourself in an unconscious state.

The account is dependent on over 700 students who can send in photos at any time, unless they too fall victim to falling asleep in front of their peers.

Luckily for teachers, this could increase the number of open-eyed students, though many may be watching their backs instead of the boards.

The account has become more and more creative with each post, with students staging photos of themselves slumbered behind doors, upside down, or even draped across lockers and bathroom stalls.

With a frenzy of paranoia and excitement, the act of staying awake has been at an all-time high for Skyhawks this close to exam week. So save the sleep for Christmas break, or else you might find yourself experiencing déjà vu the next time you open Instagram.