On the chopping block

Silverado switches to a 7-period day for 2022-23 year


Landen Munns

Silverado students were surveyed to see if they support the school’s move to a 7-period day next year.

Adrian Morfin, Staff Writer

Silverado’s class of 2023 will begin their senior year with yet another new schedule, their third change in four years. Instead of the eight-period block, alternating odd and even classes, Silverado High School will switch to seven periods every day, each 46 minutes long as opposed to the 82 minutes we are used to.

Why the change?

According to administration, Silverado will be moving to this schedule because it benefits students, teachers and the budget.

Silverado has been on the block schedule for nine years, so why the change now?

Principal Jaime Ditto provided her insight into why administration decided to reduce our schedule from eight classes to seven. One reason for the move is attention span.

“Students have a very difficult time focusing for 82 minutes a class period,” Ditto said.

Every period will be 46 minutes, and even though students will have one less class, no electives will be cut and all current staff members will be kept. The only thing changing in electives will be the number of sections each course has.

Another reason is the budget.

“Running a block schedule costs about 5% more [than a six or seven period day], which the district does not have,” Ditto said.

While the schedule affects teachers, it’s really about what will help students learn.

“This is all about students,” Ditto said, explaining that students will be in their core classes every day and not sit idle for lots of class time.

However, one of the concerns of the new schedule is tardiness.

“We struggle getting to class on time right now, and we only have to change five times,” Ditto pointed out. “What I’m hoping is since there’s only 46 minutes of class, there’s more of an urgency to get to class on time.”

Ditto also said that this move to the seven-period day will likely remain in place not just for next year, but for further years to come.