Ms. Reagh joins Silverado administration


Joycelynn Leuta, Staff Writer

In the middle of the school year, Silverado welcomes a new administrator, Georgena Reagh. She is one of our assistant principals, and she is in charge of curriculum and instruction. 

When she first started her administrative career, she was at Clark High School as dean of students. Before coming to Silverado, Reagh was recently working in a middle school environment. The reason why she chose to come to Silverado was that she loved working in a high school environment.

“Silverado just seemed so fun and like a family,” Reagh said. 

Also, she wanted to learn how to put together the master schedule for a high school. Lately, she’s been working with department chairs on figuring out the schedule for next year when we’re on a seven-period day.  But Reagh’s favorite part of her job is the students.

“I like when I can work with students to help them recognize their own potential,” Reagh said. 

She feels that it’s important to know that every student is successful. She loves counseling students and just overall hanging out with them. 

“A principal I worked with really inspired me,” Reagh said. “Her vision was always so amazing and student-focused.”

When Reagh was a teacher, she had a very strong principal who inspired her to go into administration. When she was a classroom teacher, Reagh taught Spanish. To be qualified for her current job, she needed to have a master’s degree in school administration, but most importantly, she said an administrator needs to have to a love for education and the students. Reagh accomplished both of these standards, but her love for the school grows every day.