JROTC offers students chance to experience military values while still at Silverado HS


Kayla Gustafson

The Unarmed Drill Team poses at their competition at Las Vegas High School on Dec. 4.

Joselyn Banegas , Reporter

JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) is a program that hopes to motivate young people to be better citizens.

JROTC offers students fun activities and many qualities such as leadership skills, self-confidence, discipline and many other attributes that will help students to be successful.

JROTC is not just a regular class. It’s an elective program that motivates students to have courage and to have self-confidence.

The program has a variety of activities. One major activity is service learning, which allows students to develop new skills by working with community members to  help  people.

Service learning  allows cadets (students in JROTC) to interact and  meet new people, and this shows the patriotism that students have for our country.

JROTC has changed the lives of many students, including my life, because it has motivated us to always do our best  with good conduct to bring  credit to our family, country and the school.

When I  started  the program, I thought  nothing would change, but  I never imagined that being in JROTC would give me so much motivation to be good in everything. I’ve learned so many important things, and now I feel more confident talking in public, which is something I wouldn’t have done before because I was afraid to talk.

Now I am a more mature person who is not afraid to say what’s right. I’m definitely not the only cadet who feels this way.

“JROTC has introduced me to amazing people with whom I never expected to form such a strong bond,” said freshman Kate Barraza.  “We always support one another, and knowing that I will always have someone there  for me makes me want to go to school every day with a big smile on my face.”

Sophomore Nina Abellana agrees that the program has helped her tremendously.

“JROTC used to be something that my dad forced me to try out,” Abellana explained. “But then it really turned into something wonderful and something I love. It pushed me to have courage and confidence in so many things. It led me to meet wonderful people and inspired me to be a better person, better friend and better family member.”

Junior Kaira Bautista agrees.

“JROTC has helped so many students become more responsible,” Bautista said. “JROTC has helped me in many ways to be stronger and better. I am proud and grateful that JROTC has influenced me.”