Soccer captain looks forward to competitive year

Senior Michael O’Reilly hopes to lead team to victory


Jordyn Reynolds

Michael O’Reilly runs after the ball on Aug. 24 in game against Doral Academy-Red Rock.

Jordyn Reynolds, Sports Editor

Defender and Captain Michael O’Reilly is starting his senior soccer season in jersey number 17 for the Men’s Varsity Soccer team.

O’Reilly has achieved some of his soccer dreams like playing in Colorado for the Colorado Rapids. While he was away for nine months, he had a little bit of trouble due to being away from his biggest support system – his mom. 

Playing for Colorado was only one of his many dreams. Some of his others include playing professionally. 

O’Reilly has been able to gain confidence over the last four years due to his soccer performance in and out of school. 

Michael has gotten so much stronger and confident since his freshman year,” says Varsity Coach Kurtis Cenatiempo. 

Coach Cenatiempo speaks highly of O’Reilly as he says he is the “heart of the team.”

O’Reilly scored a goal  during the first home game on Aug. 24 against Doral Academy-Red Rock. Some other highlights are from O’Reilly’s previous favorite games during his club season are when he had an opening goal and the game winning shot. 

O’Reilly and the rest of the team including the coaches are “anticipating” the game against Green Valley High School on Oct. 13 due to more competition. 

“I play better when there’s more competition,” O’Reilly says. 

After high school,  O’Reilly isn’t entirely sure of his plans but is considering playing soccer for UNLV.