Santoyo enjoys Video Production course


Cianni Connolly

Junior Giselle Santoyo operates the teleprompter while her classmates record the announcements.

Evelyn Layson, Reporter

As you may have seen, we have students delivering school announcements during the week. The class that creates these announcements for Silverado is called Video Production II.

While there are 1-2 students on camera, many students are behind the camera with various roles. Junior Giselle Santoyo operates the teleprompter while her classmates read the script and others work the cameras.

She did not initially choose Video Production I as an elective in her sophomore year and was not able to switch it back to the class she had originally selected. Santoyo ended up enjoying this class, however, and she was happy she was placed in it. She has decided that she will take it again in her senior year. 

“I have always liked recording and editing videos, so I find this class pretty fun,” Santoyo said.

In order for Santoyo to be able to know what to do, she had to learn the different roles and tasks it takes to produce the news. Santoyo finds the editing process and managing time very difficult, including turning in assignments on time or spending too much on certain projects. She finds it a challenge, but she does not give up since editing and working on her own projects in Video Productions is now her favorite thing to do.

Video Production is a very good elective option for those who want a career in broadcasting, but would she do it?

“I’m not sure yet, but it’s definitely one of my career choices!” Santoyo said.