The art of immersion: Las Vegas’ Omega Mart

Interactive art exhibit a must-see experience


Lilliana Matthews

Omega Mart Employee reveals hidden door in the freezer section.

Lilliana Matthews, Staff Writer

Deep within the winding building of the Las Vegas strip, an Omega Mart, opened its doors for the first time. But this is not any ordinary grocery store. Hidden in the shelves and corners of the “store” are secret doors and entrances that lead you into a new world full of illusion and trip-worthy artwork.

 This is not a grocery store at all. It’s Meow Wolf, the company that owns Omega Mart, they specialize in interactive displays of loopy and unique artwork found in hidden collections along with an engaging mystery for all guests to try and solve. 

 Las Vegas has many things to do with family and friends, and this is quite a popular attraction. It serves as an interactive display of quirky and mind-rattling artwork that visitors have to find within the walls of the grocery story-themed building.

Once entering the store, I was overcome by a sense of curiosity. They automatically gave us a mystery to solve which I found myself very involved in. As we made our wathrough the store, we began looking for clues and using our “employee card” to scan the computer that marked our progress and gave us clues.

Each room that we had to find on our own had its own trippy illusion-themed artwork and small clues to help us solve the mystery. We looked through computer documents, read letters, listened to voice memos on telephones, and solved puzzles all while basking in the strange displays. The storyline itself was very creative and captivating, although very hard to solve.

The staff members were all very nice and played their roles very well while making sure that everything stays in line. The only complaint that I have was the number of visitors at once. There were far too many people, which made enjoying the displays a bit difficult because every corner that we turned there were more people. An easy solution to this problem could be limiting the number of customers allowed in the exhibit at a time.

I hope some time to return to this exhibit and finish the mystery and figure out the whole storyline. It was a great experience that my family and I quite enjoyed. I believe that it is a great thing to do with your family or a group of friends.

The experience is open Monday through Sunday starting from 10:00 am – 12:00 am. The prices were bearable ranging from $45 to $49 per person. Normally these prices would be a little too high for my liking, but the artwork clearly took a very long time to put together not to mention the price is similar to escape room prices.

Overall, I would say that the experience was worth it, and definitely something everyone should experience at least once. It may not be too enjoyable for all types of people, specifically older audiences or people who are sensitive to things that can overstimulate. 

Despite this, anyone who enjoys trippy artwork and a good mystery would absolutely be in awe of this place just as I was.