Ceramics class offers fun during school day

Empty Bowls event slated for Nov. 17


Xalia King

McGreal’s ceramics classes have started collecting bowls for the Empty Bowls event on Nov. 17.

Aliyah Jaber, Reporter

One of the many fun art electives here at Silverado is the ceramics class.  

There are many different ways to use clay in ceramics class. You can make clay into bowls, pots, teacups and many other things.

Art teacher Mike McGreal’s class is currently making ceramic bowls in order to prepare for the Empty Bowls event on Nov. 17 at 6-8 p.m. Silverado holds this event every fall, but this is the first time it has been held in three years due to the pandemic.  

“Ceramics is a really amazing class,’’ said senior Taylor Bickers. “In  between hard core classes, ceramics let me relax and express my creativity. There is no such thing as failure in this class.” 

 Last year, McGreal’s schedule included Art I and Painting I and II. But this year, he made the switch.

“I sort of gave up on ceramics for five years, then came back to it,” McGreal said. 

The Empty Bowls event will feature different soups and bread made by the culinary class as well as musical performances. The event costs $10, and you get to choose and keep your ceramic bowl. You’ll have a choice of chicken noodle soup, broccoli cheese, potato leek and one vegan lentil option. All proceeds will go to the Three Square food bank to help fight hunger here in Las Vegas.