Silverado Star takes on Tiktok trend

Jordyn Reynolds and Xalia King

Tiktok has been popular social media app since the start of 2019, and the Silverado Star wanted to take part. 

Last week, Reporter Xalia King and Sports Editor Jordyn Reynolds asked students fun survey questions like “Who’s your favorite teacher?” and “Who has the most Skyhawk spirit?” But the most controversial one: “Was Helen Keller real?” 

Sophomore Alexa Manahl took the title of having the most school spirit (claimed by herself) because she is a cheerleader. 

The interviews were funny to record because of the variety of answers. King and Reynolds’ favorite questions to ask were the Helen Keller one and who’s their favorite teacher.

Junior Shawn Carter’s response to his favorite teacher was Mr. Mullins. 

They got the inspiration from a trend on Tiktok where students interview other students during school asking funny questions like “What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done in class?” or “What was the craziest thing you’ve ever done?” 

Schools around the valley have participated in this Tiktok trend like Faith Lutheran, Coronado, Palo Verde, Green Valley, etc.