Skyhawks celebrate Halloween with movie, bash


Alijah Abellana

The performing arts department sells treats during the Halloween Bash on Oct. 21.

Evelyn Layson, Reporter

As Halloween started getting closer, the Silverado choir, orchestra and theater programs decided to have a Halloween Bash. The bash was held on Oct. 21 from 6-8:00 p.m. in the courtyard of Silverado High School. Activities that occurred included a costume contest, a movie being played, games and a Haunted House.

There were multiple people selling items and food for all the participants who attended this bash.

The movie that was playing for free was called, “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Created by Tim Burton and directed by Henry Selick, this American stop-motion animation is a musical as well as a dark fantasy and seasonal favorite. The film was released all the way back on Oct. 13, 1993. To this day, it’s still a trendy movie to be watched on Halloween.

A costume contest was held in the courtyard as well. Many contestants dressed up and participated in the contest. As for the winner of the contest, the winner was a young child.

The Halloween bash wouldn’t be a fun party to go to without a haunted house, the number one  thing to scare people with on Halloween. Freshman Naomi Jackson attended the Halloween Bash, had fun dressing up and actually went through the horrifying haunted house.

“The haunted house was really legit and scary,” Jackson said.

The Halloween Bash was a huge success.

“I had an amazing time!” Jackson said.