Marching Band competes at Arbor View High School


Photo provided by Caitlyn Krah

Skyhawks Marching Band performs at Arbor View High School on Nov. 5

Evelyn Layson, Reporter

The Nevada Marching Circuit Championship took place on Oct. 22. It was held outside of Arbor View High School. At least 22 bands competed, but only 12 bands were left in the finals.

The competition was held at night when terrible winds came through Las Vegas.

“It was really cold!” freshman band member Ellijah Garrison said.

The band got 2nd place in the preliminary competition and 5th in the finals. 

“They did what they could,” said drum major Caitlyn Krah. “I did like our performance. They really put it out there.” 

Their performance theme for this year’s halftime show is “The Rose That Grew from Concrete.”

“I enjoyed it,” said Garrison, who plays the saxophone, about the performance.

The music for the halftime show was composed by Harry Hutchins, which was notable for Silverado because it was composed specifically for our band.

All 22 bands had spectacular performances and showed their best selves. 

“It was incredible. I was literally gasping,” Krah said.

As for this fall season, it concluded with a competition that took place in Utah on Nov. 5 with at least 31 bands from all over attending.

The band’s goals are to improve, especially in choreography and time since it takes the band a certain amount of time to put the show together for each performance.

What will the Skyhawks Marching Band do next season? Stay tuned to find out!