Newspaper, yearbook win awards


Tamika Perez

Talon yearbook editor Amber Martin and Silverado Star newspaper editor Grace Kelly show off their awards.

At the Southern Nevada Society of Journalists High School Awards presentation on Sept. 8 at Green Valley High School, the Silverado Star newspaper won 20 total awards including the following: Excellent News Writing, Landen Munns; Excellent Feature Writing, Grace Kelly; Superior Sports News Writing, Kristyann Esteron; Superior Profile Writing, Grace Kelly; Excellent Profile Writing, Kristyann Esteron; Superior Review Writing, Fatimah Williamson and Jillian Garcia; Honorable Mention Humorous Writing, Adrian Morfin; Superior Editorial, Star Staff; Excellent Headline Writing, Angel Gonzalez; Honorable Mention News Photo, Amber Martin; Honorable Mention Photo Story, Kristyann Esteron, Honorable Mention Editorial Cartoon, Angel Gonzalez; Excellent Photo Illustration, Angel Gonzalez; Honorable Mention Illustration, Riley Dunseph; Excellent Infographic, Fatimah Williamson; Excellent Front Page Design, Kristyann Esteron, Excellent News Page Design, Grace Kelly; Excellent Feature Page Design, Grace Kelly; and Excellent Opinion Page Design, Adrian Morfin.

The Star staff was also given the All-Nevada Best in Show award. Congratulations to these journalism students.

Our school’s yearbook staff was also given an All-Nevada Best in Show award, so congratulations to the Talon.

They also received several individual awards including the following: Excellent Title Page, Olivia Woolverton; Honorable Mention Opening, Olivia Woolverton and Amber Martin; Honorable Mention Closing, John Byrd, Leslie Rubio and Olivia Woolverton; Excellent Caption Writing, John Byrd; Honorable Mention Headline Writing, Olivia Woolverton; Honorable Mention Profile Writing; John Byrd and Amber Martin; Superior Colophon, Talon Staff; Excellent Clubs Photo, Makenna Morton; Honorable Mention Clubs Photo, John Byrd; Excellent Sports Action Photo, John Byrd; Excellent Sports Reaction Photo, Olivia Woolverton; Honorable Mention Environmental Portrait, Alina Acedo; Excellent Photo Illustration, Talon Staff; Honorable Mention Clubs & Organization Spread, Talon Staff; Honorable Mention Reference Spread, John Byrd and Tamika Perez; Excellent Academic Photo, Engracia Gamboa; Excellent Feature Photo, Olivia Woolverton; Honorable Mention Dividers, Leslie Rubio; Honorable Mention Specialty Spread, John Byrd and Engracia Gamboa; Excellent Student Life Spread, Olivia Woolverton and Amber Martin; Honorable Mention Student Life Spread, Amber Martin and John Byrd, Honorable Mention Sports Spread, John Byrd.