Rock defeats country in talent show


Lilliana Matthews, Staff Writer

On Nov, 15 at 6 p.m., Silverado performing arts students swept the audience away with an outstanding annual talent showcase featuring the theme of rock vs. country. The show featured 18 different acts highlighting different students and their musical talents.

The show took place in the theatre, where families and other audience members paid a $5 fee to enter. The theatre was decorated to match the rock vs. country theme. The show started with the host, Silverado student Ian Vogl, introducing the first performer.

Systematically, all the performers were introduced before they performed for the audience. The guests were given ballots to vote for either rock or country as well as for the two students with their favorite acts.

In the end, rock prevailed over the country for the best section of performances. One student had the most votes and was declared the crowd’s favorite–sophomore Nadine Yamashita.

As a member of the audience, I voted for rock rather than country because the country aspect of it all was not very western style country but more so pop. It was hard at some moments to determine if the acts were even country at all, so it’s obvious that rock would be more popular. The acts that stuck out to me the most featured instrument players like the students who played the guitar and ukulele.

Overall, the showcase was a success, with quite a few members in the audience. It was an enjoyable and entertaining evening.