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Nick Pavlides

Varsity Quiz team picture from Nov. 3, when Silverado played Chaparral and won 85 to 45.

Varsity Quiz has phenomenal season

Silverado's Varsity Quiz team undefeated this season

A small team of students has been participating in Varsity Quiz, which is a competition testing academic knowledge on a range of topics. In silence, competitors rack their brains for answers about literature, geography, government, science, history and anything else there is to know. Pencils scratch on paper as students perform calculations, trying to beat the handful of silent seconds until the bell, or until the other team manages to find the answer. It’s just amazing how extensive the breadth of knowledge is. This is Varsity Quiz, and Silverado is undefeated. 

I have always enjoyed seeing our students rise to the occasion to test their knowledge of various topics,” said Nick Pavlides, who has been Varsity Quiz coach for 15 years. “I try to teach the students good sportsmanship and respect for others-whether they win or lose. Varsity Quiz is an opportunity for students to compete academically, to be a part of a team, and to represent their school in a positive way.”

The competition is rigorous, but practice is wholly joking and fun, with teammates being incredibly supportive. There is a wholesome atmosphere, and it’s just a really fun thing to be a part of. In competition, it feels fantastic to be able to know the answer to a question, and in practice we can just guess and have fun with it. 

“I stayed because it’s fun,” said Daniella Elge, senior player. “It’s fun when you get questions right.”

Even when the answer is completely unknown, the trivia is interesting and compelling. You learn so much, sometimes just from the question itself. Trivia has a quality to be intriguing that drives people to these sorts of things, Varsity Quiz exemplifying this wonder wonderfully. It’s quite fun and makes me feel better on bad days. Silverado has won every match, with points regularly climbing over a hundred. Our team won at the semifinals, which aired on PBS, and will advance to the finals of the Blue League. 

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