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February 10, 2023

Change is hard. Grading reform is asking people to entirely change their mindset on grades, and to be completely successful everyone needs to be on board. It’s asking for students to come to school ready to participate in all the things done in class, with occasional summative assignments checking to see how well students really understand it. 

“Grading reform is a mindset change that requires everyone on board to be successful,” said Vidal. “In theory, it should be a positive change, as it strives to eliminate behavior from academic grading. In practice, it has been hard on CCSD teachers because it was presented as an initiative by which to abide, instead of the systemic change that it is.”

Since elementary school, we have been focused on struggling to get the points to get whatever grade, using the easiest way possible to get it. Grades are a form of extrinsic motivation, and numerous studies show that that is not optimal for success. It would be better if everyone was motivated by a genuine, internal desire to achieve, to learn. There are a myriad of untapped resources at every student’s disposal. The system relies on students making use of these resources and striving to learn. That’s what all of this comes down to. 

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