Season 2 of ‘Ginny & Georgia’ offers surprises, secrets



“Ginny and Georgia” promotional art

Rosalyn Esquivel, Reporter

The Netflix show “Ginny & Georgia,” released Feb. 24, 2021, was a great success. In season 1, we are introduced to a family who moves around frequently to start their life over. Ginny has a hard time with this, as any teenager would, and she goes through a lot such as relationship problems with friends and boys.

We also learn how Georgia, Ginny’s mom, got herself and her kids where they are now.

Although season 1 was good, season 2 is even better. There are multiple plots going on at once, with never a dull moment. Season 2 was released last month, becoming the most streamed show on Netflix Jan. 2-8, according to Variety. Considering the overwhelming and on-going drama, I think they deserve the publicity.

Season 2 focuses more on Georgia’s past and how it affects others, especially Ginny. The focus is on how the past can come back to haunt you when you least expect it.
Ginny and her little brother Austin are upset at their mother, and they are purposely spending time away from her. Maybe Ginny doesn’t just want to be away from Georgia, but from her ex-friends as well.

For Ginny, going back to school is hard. No one talks to her until she and Abby become an unexpected dynamic duo, making bad decisions together and enraging a couple of people along the way.
Although it is hard to watch Ginny’s rebellious actions considering everything Georgia has done for her, I understand where she is coming from. Ginny goes through tremendous obstacles regarding her family, friends, and even conflicts within herself, just as any teenager might do.

With all that is going on, Ginny’s parents, who separated long ago, have both met someone new. Regardless of how serious they are about their new significant others, we can tell everyone involved is uncomfortable.

As for Georgia, being with the mayor of Wellsburry isn’t so easy. She has to deal with a private investigator who is always on her trail, waiting for the perfect moment to muddle a problem, as well as negotiate other love interests.

It’s hard when both your former in-laws and current in -laws all dislike you and denigrate you in front of everyone. Georgia feels like everyone is against her, and we get to see how vulnerable a force she could really be.

I feel like the show portrays the struggles of teenagers well, and isn’t under or over exaggerating at all. There are many topics being covered, such as self-harm, depression, body dysmorphia, trauma, guilt and so many more.

Although this is typical, my favorite plot topic is what goes on between Ginny and Georgia because of how the mother-daughter relationship is portrayed—the ups and downs, the tension which is there but not shown face to face, and the secrets.

I overall recommend this show to all, which is currently streaming on Netflix.