Skyhawks show spirit during Hawkfest

Silverado students celebrate Hawkfest spirit week


Jordyn Reynolds

Sophomores Maddox Perry and Alexa Manahl sport their white lies for Hawkfest.

Evelyn Layson and Lilliana Matthews

As summer springs forward, along with the school year ending quicker than we thought, Silverado High School held another spirit week from Mar. 27-31 for Hawkfest. Dress-up days were included once again along with another spirit assembly on Friday.

Friday’s main event was the “Black Out Assembly” where all the students gathered together right after school to watch and participate, including games and an introduction to nominees for prom royalty.

Prom was held on Saturday, Apr. 1 at the DragonRidge Country Club. The theme of this year’s prom was called “Voyage Through the Garden.” The senior prom king and queen were Jaden Whiley and Roxy Christensen; the junior prom prince and princess were Shawn Carter and Nina Abellana.

For this spirit week, the dress-up days included Monday: King Boo Day; Tuesday: Twin Day; Wednesday: Cap Kingdom Day; Thursday: Rainbow Road Day; and finally Friday: Cheep Cheep Day. The theme of this spirit week was “Super Mario Bros,” a tie-in to the new movie, “The Super Mario Bros” that came out on Apr. 5.

The spirit week kicked off on Monday with the topic “King Boo Day” where students wore white t-shirts featuring a handwritten white lie that describes them personally. It was a sarcastic and fun topic that multiple students enjoyed participating in, encouraging students to be creative and unique while participating.

On Tuesday, students could pick someone to match with for twin day. Twin Day is a common spirit week theme when participants love to coordinate matching outfits with their friends to show spirit. 

Cap Kingdom Day took place on Wednesday. To dress up for this activity, you were encouraged to wear a hat of your choice.

Thursday was Rainbow Road Day, and tie-dye clothing was recommended.

The final spirit day, Cheep Cheep Day, featured tropical clothing to celebrate the warm weather season that is just around the corner. Silverado Hawkfest was a hit amongst the students, and the assembly was a great way to end it off strong.