‘Creed III’ worth the wait


Anthony Zhgenti, Staff Writer

Creed III,” the third movie to the trilogy of the Creed series was released on March 3, and like all other movies within the franchise, it did not disappoint. Making an impressive $200 million in the first 10 days, it has had the strongest box office of any Creed or Rocky movie ever. With all movies in the trilogy besides this previous coming out in November, many delays caused problems and much anger from fans with the official release date being pushed back four months. Regardless, all of that anger was gone when this “masterpiece” was released.

This movie really strikes hard, and it feels so impactful. With a mix of a heartfelt story and a revenge plot, this movie is one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Both “Creed I” and “Creed II” are different stories as to Adonis Creed’s life, with “Creed III” being no different. “Creed III” is based off of Adonis’ childhood, when his good friend Damian Anderson had been put in prison for many years as he protected Adonis by threatening someone with a gun, and had been later arrested by police. Anderson and Adonis would later reunite in about 15-20 years, with the first scene being Anderson lying against the hood of Adonis’ car, a Rolls Royce Cullinan. 

Anderson had originally been the boxer and Adonis had been his closest friend, being with him in every underground fight and being there for him. Even after a long break, the desire to fight never left Anderson. He still wanted to fight and prove himself as a worthy boxer in the professional world. Adonis gave him a shot, and he fought dirty and won his first fight back. The dirty fighting did not stick well with Adonis. He kicked Anderson out, and had challenged Anderson as well for the World Championship Title, even though he was going to retire. Who won the fight? Well, that is for you to watch.

The movie was an hour and 56 minutes long, and it was great. My only complaint was that it wasn’t long enough. Michael B. Jordan, the actor playing Creed, has confirmed a fourth movie to the series. I am excited to see as well as all of the fans what Creed has next to offer, and I have no doubt that it will also be a great movie. The budget for “Creed III” was $75 million dollars, and the revenue tripled in the first 10 days.