Balancing work, school challenging for teens


Krystabell Garcia

Students who work can find employment anywhere from a local business such as Smith’s to our local cafeteria.

Krystabell Garcia, Reporter

Many teens in school tend to work during the week as well as go to class. Does working while going to school have benefits? Is the pay worth the possible hit to grades? Do students learn the value of the dollar? And can they balance it all? 

The age you can start working legally in Nevada is 16 years young. But for students who often work 20 plus hours a week, a study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that these students typically have a lower GPA than students who work 10 hours or less. Teens usually work to get paid the minimum wage, which is currently  $10.50.

As a teen who has worked many different jobs, I can say places where they really hire a younger person pay them less to start off. In my personal experience, I tend to feel “exhausted” having to wake up around 5 in the morning to catch the bus for my school, then after I get home catch another bus to get to work, then finally get home around 11-12 p.m. to repeat. 

Working can show a student what it means to work hard for money. It can teach them the true value of a dollar, how much things can cost, and how easily and fast money can go away depending on your spending decisions. It’s a way to teach them to be responsible. Teens often rely on their parents for their income, but getting money they work for themselves can really help teens understand the meaning of money on a personal level.

I no longer think the new Juicy Couture set is a need, and I’ve realized I can put those 100 dollars in savings. Working has taught me that the older you get, the more real-life responsibilities you have to deal with in order to grow. Working has prepared me so once I do leave home, I can be financially stable. 

Working has both pros and cons, but if a teen decides to work while being in school, they should really start off slow until they can handle more hours. Working and going to school with not enough sleep can really be draining and cause you to burnout. If it’s not balanced correctly, it can be a struggle and affect students in many negative ways.