‘Dancing with the Stars’ ends tour in Vegas with one last special performance

The Dancing With the Stars Cast Dancing Together

Nyla Vazquez

The “Dancing With the Stars” Cast performs at the Pearl theatre in the Palms Hotel-Casino on March 12.

Nyla Vazquez, Reporter

On March 12, I went to the “Dancing With The Stars” tour as Las Vegas was the last stop on the crew’s tour. I went with my two sisters, Neena Vazquez and Nevaeh Vazquez, and we watched as they were able to put on a captivating live performance that kept the audience engaged and in awe.  

The show included guest stars such as Gabby Windey, Charli D’amelio, and Heidi D’amelio. 

The show started by introducing the cast while putting on an incandescent ballroom dance. Mark Ballas, who is a professional dancer on the show as well as the winner of the 2023 season, also became a special guest and part of the performance. 

My sisters and I are huge fans of the show and especially fans of Ballas. Seeing him on stage was definitely a wonderful sight and a lucky one. 

One of the show’s professional dancers, Emma Slater, conducted a performance of the week in the life of a “Dancing With The Stars” contestant. Slater does a wonderful job of making sure that the audience has as much fun as she and the rest of the cast have while being on stage or on the tour in general.

“Thank you so much to those who came to watch us!” Slater said on her Instagram. “This show fulfilled me so much, not just the hosting and the dancing but all the fun backstage moments in between. I can’t believe it’s over. I miss it already!” 

Gabby Windey also had many hilarious dialogues during the performance. The most memorable one was when she decided to create her own “Dancing With The Stars” mirror ball trophy and award it to herself. Windey came in second place on the show, so this definitely made fans laugh when seeing her finally receive the recognition she worked hard towards all season. 

Windey also got a special shoutout on the tour’s Instagram.

“She is the true embodiment of a star– grace, humility, talent, personality, fearlessness, positivity, and charisma.” 

The climax of the entertainment was when Ballas and Charli D’amellio danced to their season 2023 winning freestyle one last time. Right before the dance, Ballas announced that this past season is his last season on the show. The announcement caused my sisters and me to make sure to cherish and value every beautiful moment of the dance. 

Aside from this heartfelt performance, the cast displayed many upbeat and unforgettable dances as well. The one that stood out the most was a buoyant duet between Charli D’amellio and Heidi D’amelio. 

When watching the dances in person, you can feel the hard work that they put in and how much they genuinely love to share their talents with the world. They make you appreciate the world of dance a lot more, and my sisters and I went home with great devotion to have experienced a show so positive and passionate.