Class of 2020 faces cancellation


Prom is canceled, sports are canceled, clubs are canceled, grad trip is canceled, class of 2020 is canceled. 

On March 15, Governor Sisolak and Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara closed in-person schooling until at least April 14.

Although it is unsure exactly when schools will resume, we seniors all know Senior Awards Night is over and our graduation will be held over Skype.

Walking into your senior year, you have high hopes of enjoying your final memories. Keyword “enjoying.” You don’t want to spend your final moments being in self-quarantine.

Our senior prom is supposed to be one of the main highlights of our high school memories. It’s supposed to be our night to show off our fanciest suits and ties or break out those new shiny heels we just bought.

This year, it looks like our postponed prom will consist of hazmat suits and face masks. Will this be the emergence of a new fashion trend?

Don’t even get me started on AP testing.

This time of the school year largely consists of a crucial part of the testing process: reviewing.

Our senioritis already made it unlikely that we would actually review, but now we have a reason not to. But, hey, if we have the lowest passing rate of all previous years, at least we have an excuse.

With the cessation of all after-school activities, we can also kiss the sweet memories of our clubs and sports goodbye.

To the clubs who have worked all year for an event but now have to cancel because of this corona thing, my condolences to you.

To the seniors who play sports and are going to miss out on senior night, here’s your recognition. Shout out to you guys.

To all of the extracurricular groups who have unfinished projects, I am sorry for your loss.

To all of the seniors missing out on these precious final moments of your high school career, use these three weeks off to make more memories— just be safe and healthy.

It is unsure when things will be back to normal, but at this point in time, we are just hoping for the best. In the meantime, enjoy your extended spring break.

Many things are uncertain in this bittersweet situation, but one thing I do know is that I won’t be setting my alarm for the next three weeks.