Prom, other events cancelled

Even before school was cancelled, extra-curricular activities were cut due to coronavirus



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Abigail Miller, Co-Editor in Chief

With the COVID-19 pandemic scaring millions of people into staying in their homes, the administration of CCSD has closed down all schools and postponed all of the typical end-of-year activities. This includes all clubs, performances, and events such as prom and graduation.

The official announcement that all schools in Clark County were closing came on March 15, and principal Jaime Ditto has made no comment on whether or not prom and other occasions such as graduation will take place.  Since prom was only in a few weeks on April 18, however, it is assumed it will not take place.  That date is only two days after Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak’s COVID-prevention directive that orders nonessential businesses to close at least until April 16. 

In an email sent out to all students and staff, it was made clear that as information came to administrators, the students would be notified.

“This is a fluid situation that requires all of our flexibility, patience, and, most importantly, perspective,” the email read.

Some seniors are especially upset by the fact that the pandemic is affecting their last year of high school.

“I think it’s practical to close down the schools,” senior Heather Jellison said. “But it’s still really upsetting that we won’t be able to participate in everything we’ve been working towards and looking forward to.”

This sentiment doesn’t just include missing out on prom, but other activities as well.

“Our senior year is supposed to be one of the most memorable years of our lives,” Jellison said. She noted that some students just want to leave school because of bad experiences and other reasons, but claimed that those feelings were separate from the situation. “We had things like senior sunset, the senior trip, farewell shows for seniors in the arts” that may not happen at all, now.

“After all the hard work, all we wanted was to have our last prom, our grad trip, our grad walk, and our graduation,” senior Jennifer Marroquin said.

The situation is uncertain, and even the announcement of an official cancellation of prom brings more questions. Will seniors get the chance to walk for graduation at a later date? Will credits be affected? These questions weigh on the minds of confused seniors.

Morroaquin is optimistic that the class of 2020 will make it through this pandemic.

“To my class of 2020,” Morroquin said. “We got this. We’re strong. And we’re all going to walk our walk.”