Track team offers athletes range of events

Vanessa Gallegos, Staff Writer

Before the coronavirus interrupted school and extracurricular events, everyone in spring sports, including SHS Track and Field, started practicing. Track and field has a wide range of different events. From 100 m sprints to 1600 m races, hurdles or jumps, and relays, the list goes on. Each athlete can partake in 1-4 events as long as they don’t interfere with each other.

The Silverado Track team won second place out of 65 other schools in an invitational meet in West Covina, California last season. The Women’s Varsity team also won regionals last year in our division, so hopes are high for this spring.

This season, however, the track team is short of a hurdles coach, a sprints coach, and a jumpings coach. The coaches are having to double up on more than one event.

Some returners feel concerned about the coaching situation, especially the athletes who are having to coach themselves this season.

“Honestly, it’s discouraging because we don’t know what we’re doing in hurdles. We are basically coaching ourselves,” said Aubrey Bucher (11).

There’s curiosity in what will happen this season with the shortage of coaches, but it’s not something that will ruin the season.

“It’s something that we are going to need adjustment in,” said Santana Michel (12). “It’s new and different, but hopefully it gets better.”

Also new to this season is a demerit system that determines whether or not you’re on the team. If a practice or meet is missed, then that counts as a demerit. If you leave early for both practice and a meet, then that also counts as a demerit. Two demerits and you’re off the team. You’re also not allowed to participate in any other club sports outside of school while on the track team.

Some athletes feel pressured about not missing a practice and meet, but some feel that it’ll help keep the team together and make the athletes more dedicated to improving.

“It’ll definitely help keep track in line and make the athletes more serious about the sport,” Michel said.

The track team is hoping for a great season and are ready to compete in meets, to improve and to create personal records within their events. Let’s hope that we do get back to school in time to save at least part of the season.