Silveraldo’s Demi Remolador helps Leukemia, Lymphoma Society

Junior serves as Miss NV High School America 2020


Demi Remolador won the Miss Nevada High School America crown for 2020.

Macie Ann Kukonu, Opinion Editor

From a very young age, Demi Remolador (11) has been participating in pageants. She was first invited to the National American Miss program when she was 10 years old. She had an amazing experience with the system and has stuck to pageants since then. She has won four pageants, which include three titles for National American Miss, and recently in this past October 2019, she won Miss Nevada High School America 2020.

Pageants aren’t Remolador’s only activity. She also enjoys many other extracurriculars such as band and choir (both Concert Choir and Madrigals). She really enjoys the performing arts, including dance.

Entertainment and music aren’t Remolador’s only passions. She was recently nominated as a 2020 candidate for the Student of the Year campaign that helps benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). She has a team of 10 members helping her on this amazing journey. They started a campaign called Louanne’s Light for Life. In this campaign, the money she raises will go to helping people in the LLS. 

 Remolador explained more about what the organization is and what it benefits. 

 “The money I raise for LLS will go to the patients and help with their treatments and research,” Remolador said. “In their LLS research, they also discover cures for other cancers, so it’s not only helping one type of cancer, it’s helping all types.”

She continued explaining how blood cancer is unfortunately the most common cancer in children. She then went on saying that a person is diagnosed with blood cancer every three minutes. She explains more about LLS in a video on her Instagram @demilouanne. 

On Feb. 22, Remolador had a fundraiser for her campaign at Level Up Boba. At the fundraiser, if you donated $3 to the campaign, you received free boba. There was also a video game tournament called “Super Smash Cancer Tournament.”  It was a Super Smash Bros game. Many people showed up and enjoyed their time there. 

“The fundraiser was incredible,” said Erica Carter (12). “It was really creative and fun to be a part of.”

Others thought it was amazing what Remolador was doing and achieving.

“I do feel like she’s making a difference,” Cade Harris (11) said.  “She’s not only helping the community, but she’s also helping families struggling with LLS by doing this fundraiser.”

Remolador was grateful for everyone who helped and supported her through this outstanding fundraiser.

“It meant the world to me that I had so much support by the school, clubs, choir, and Student Council,” Remolador said. “I’m grateful to go to a school that helps support other students.”

All photos for this article were provided by Demi Remolador.

Remolador promotes fundraiser for LLS
Senior Jason Prouty observes competitors at the Super Smash Cancer Tournament and fundraiser for LLS.