Star Staff takes stance on new schedule

Star Editorial Board agrees with changes to Silverado’s online schedule


Kiara Adams, Co-Editor in Chief

The new school year has brought Silverado students many different changes, but the most prominent ones are the changes in the schedule. We have gone from four classes a day to three, eight total classes to six, and now Wednesdays are a day specifically set for students to get individual or small group help from their teachers.

The Star Staff consensus is that a smaller schedule and a day strictly for getting schoolwork done and receiving help from teachers is beneficial to students.

The three classes per day allows students to easily manage their time, with time in-between Google Meet classes to get assignments done,” said staff member Fatimah Williamson (9). “By dividing classes, it’s less stressful for students, and they can take on classes at a slower and more focused pace.”

The schedule does in fact give students more time to get assignments done and achieve better grades while improving their time management skills.

Wednesdays are one of the biggest changes this school year, since attendance is optional. In the past, there were always five full days of classes, but now there are four days with one day open for helping students.

“Having the Wednesday get help day is very helpful to me because if I didn’t get my work done from Monday and Tuesday, then I can finish it on Wednesday and do any late work,”  said staff member Lillian Eukel (12).

While there is excitement from many of our staff members, there are also some areas of concern. With the reduced schedule comes fewer classes available to take electives, which are enjoyable for many students and which are sometimes required to graduate. Changing from 8 to 6 classes meant 2 electives had to be dropped.

One of those two classes would have been a language class, which is essential for me to graduate, and the other could have been an AP class or an art class that would be beneficial for my future,” said staff member Angel Gonzalez Marquez (10).

While the changes are new for all students, they work best for online learning. No one anticipated our school moving entirely online, so having a shorter schedule and days specifically carved out for getting help and finishing assignments is very beneficial to students. Students are very adaptable, and it seems as though many kids are now adjusting to a new school year unlike any before.