Mu Alpha Theta takes on distance learning

Club offers math tutoring for Silverado students


Photo by Lynn Chien

On Feb. 4, Mu Alpha Theta members unite on Google Meets for a meeting.

Kristyann Esteron, Sports Editor

Mu Alpha Theta is a club consisting of several student tutors who provide aid to students regarding any math-related problems. Whether it be a specific problem or general concepts, Mu Alpha Theta is available to help students fully comprehend any math assignments they might be struggling with. MAT meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:16 p.m. to 2 p.m. The Google Meets codes, if you are interested, are


Club President Lynn Chien, 11, has been part of Mu Alpha Theta since freshman year. What inspired her to join is that Chien has had the greatest time being able to help others and gather a small community of compassionate and helpful individuals. 

“We all know that feeling of finally understanding something we’ve had trouble with for a while, and I enjoy being a part of the process,” Chien said. “Being able to lead others with a similar goal and passion is rewarding, and I always look forward to developing ways to improve this club even more.”

The best part of the club for Chien is that moment of realization someone experiences–when the light bulbs flicks on and you have that “ohhhh” moment. It gives Chien and other tutors an amazing feeling because it’s satisfying being able to help someone fully grasp a subject.

Chien wants students who need help to be unafraid to come in and receive assistance from their peers. Chien hopes students feel comfortable receiving help from others their age so they can obtain an increased understanding before the end of the day.

“I know how intimidating it can be to receive help from someone, especially with this virtual setting, and how it’s considerably tougher to learn in general,” Chien said.

For the club members, Chien hopes that all of the tutors in MAT achieve skills in teaching and helping others while increasing their knowledge of the topic itself. 

“I’m hoping that the tutors are sharpening their mathematical skills even further when aiding students while having fun in the process!” Chien said.

Mu Alpha Theta encourages students to message them on Instagram @silveradomao with questions, and they’ll gladly help you through recording a video, writing out steps, or setting up a google meet for you.