CCSD announces cancellation of fall sports

Spring sports going forward with new Supt. Jara announcement


Aubrey Bucher

Senior Andrew Maxwell and family protest the sports cancellation.

Aubrey Bucher, Reporter

Cancelled. A term used to describe an event that once was, and no longer will be. The definition of the year 2020. However, cancelled was not a word any student athlete wanted to hear on Jan. 26 when CCSD announced the cancellation of fall sports for the 2020-2021 school year.

 The news came as a shock to athletes and coaches alike.

“I was devastated when I heard they cancelled the season,” Kurtis Centiempo, the SHS boys soccer coach,  said. “This was by far the best and closest group of boys, and it is so sad that they won’t be able to play their last season together.” Centiempo especially feels bad for the seniors who have now lost out on both their junior spring season and senior fall season.

The fall sports season was slated to begin practices on Feb. 20 and competitions on March 5. Silverado coaches had already compiled a list of safety protocols to safely host practices. However, CCSD decided to cancel the season due to concerns of COVID-19 and the existence of school under a distance education model.

Cross country, tennis, and golf are naturally socially distanced fall sports, but still faced cancellation.

“It seemed unfair to me to lump all athletics as being dangerous at this time,” SHS tennis coach Matthew Phillips said. “Tennis and Girl’s Golf could have had very safe seasons, and I had high hopes we would play all the way up to the moment the cancellation was announced.” 

The cancellation sparked outrage among the district’s athletic families. Trey Goughner (12), a varsity member of the Coronado football team, and his family organized a Facebook page to bring awareness to the cancelled season. “Let Them Play NV” is a movement aimed at bringing the kids back into the school building and restoring the lost sports seasons that kids desperately need. The page has since received support from many district families and sparked a “Let Us Play” protest event. 

Athletes from over six Vegas high schools united together on Jan. 28 to protest the cancellation of fall sports. Attendees ranged from parents, grandparents, athletes, and younger siblings donning signs reading “Let Us Play!” The protest was held outside of the CCSD administrative building from 4-5 p.m.   

Among those in attendance was one of our very own Skyhawks, senior Andrew Maxwell. As a member of the varsity tennis team and the starting shortstop for the varsity baseball team, Maxwell is dedicated to athletics.

“I’m here to fight for my right to play with my team one last year,” Maxwell said. “This is my chance to get college offers, and it feels like nobody is really fighting for our future.”

Maxwell is hoping that the spring season remains for this school year to have a chance to receive a college offer for baseball. 

A follow-up protest was held Feb. 6 in front of the CCSD administrative building .The last hope for a revived fall sports season is to get sports/ extracurriculars on the next board meeting agenda. The spring sports season of swimming, baseball, softball, golf, and track/ field still remains on the schedule. 

Update as of 02/24/2021: CCSD Superintendent Jesus Jara spoke Wednesday, Feb. 24 at at press conference and announced a comprehensive plan for all students to return to school in a hybrid model by April 6. He announced that a spring sports season is slated to begin practices April 6 and an intramural fall sports season is slated to kick-off practices May 3.