‘Genshin Impact’ offers brand new world



Screenshot of Traveler and their companion

Lee McGarry-Shields, Reporter

Both a magical and mystical experience, “Genshin Impact,” a game released by developers miHoYo, allows for a world of adventure. It is a free-to-play game that gives you all you need. However, it also has a gacha system that gives the player a chance to “wish” for random characters and weapons. Whether you want to play for the lovable characters, open-world experience or storyline, “Genshin Impact” has something for everyone.

“Genshin Impact” opens up with a cutscene featuring a set of twins (of which you choose one to play as) and their enemy. In the cutscene, a battle ensues and by the end, the player and their twin are both transported to another world, Teyvat, and separated from each other. The player awakens on a beach accompanied by “the best traveling companion ever,” Paimon. Paimon gives the player a walk through of the game mechanics and ends up introducing the first main story quest in the kingdom of Mondstadt. Throughout this storyline, you meet your future teammates: Amber, a pyro user, Kaeya, a cryo user, and Lisa, an electro user. 

I personally find this to be one of the best free-to-play games a person can find. It’s open world, has amazing graphics, and gives players constant objectives to complete. It engages players enough that they can get engulfed in the world of Teyvat and spend hours playing in a day. Since downloading it, I have played for at least four hours a day. There’s so much to explore and fight and collect; there is rarely a moment when it’s not thrilling. I truly get transported to another world, and I enjoy it so much. I get to play with my friends, I get to have that feeling of relief and accomplishment when I beat a boss, I get to spend money and be incredibly excited when I pull a character I want. “Genshin Impact” is essentially everything I find enjoyable in a game. 

As of December, “Genshin Impact” has been released on the Playstation 4, PC, and mobile devices. miHoyo does have plans to release it on the Nintendo Switch. Nothing has been said yet on the thought of releasing the game on the Xbox, but even so, the game is extremely accessible. Because of all the aspects to the game and the accessibility of it, I strongly urge people to at least give the game a chance.