Silverado celebrates homecoming with a slimy Hawkelodeon theme

Celebratory week ends with victory over Cimarron

Kristyann Esteron, Editor in Chief

In the week of Sept. 27 to Oct. 1, Silverado hosted its annual homecoming event after a year break due to the pandemic. This year’s spirit days included “Nick at Nite’ pajama day for Monday, ‘Drake and Josh” twin day for Tuesday, ‘Big Time Rush’ band tee day for Wednesday, ‘Cosmo and Wanda’ green v pink on Thursday, and wrapped up Friday with homecoming shirts! 

“I dressed up for all the spirit days, and it was super cool to see everyone, including the teachers, participate as well,” Brianna Walsh, 10, said.

From administration to the student body, many dressed up according to each spirit day, sometimes taking pictures with their friends near the festive decorations.

“I think that my favorite part of homecoming was taking pictures with my friends in all of the spirit days,” John Hooper, 12, said. 

Orange and green papers filled up the hallways with Nickelodeon characters plastered on top. Green paper replicating slime dripped along the outer railings of the stairs. Decorations with “Victorious” and “Spongebob” themes carpeted the back stairs of the school with a giant “Hawkelodeon 2021” sign draped across the ramp railing.

During lunchtime, a range of activities was hosted by Student Council to boost the homecoming spirit. From Monday through Friday, activities included beach volleyball, musical chairs, cup pong, and four square, all while music was blasted through both lunchtimes. The ultimate goal was to get as much student participation as possible. StuCo wanted a great, energetic “hoco” week since for many students, it was their first one.  For others, it’s been two years.

“I definitely recognized a sense of normalcy returning to football games and being able to celebrate homecoming,” Senior Alyssa Lalos said. “Having been away from in-person spirit days for so long, I was sure to make the most of every day of the week.”

Lalos won senior homecoming queen along with Hooper as homecoming king. Lalos most enjoyed being recognized in front of the football game’s crowd during both the march band performance and the following royalty announcements. She’s fully embracing the senior year experience knowing that it will leave a lasting impression on her school days. 

During halftime, Hawkelodeon golf carts raced around the track following the royalty floats presented by grade representatives and royalty.

“When the winners were announced, I was simply thrilled to be able to participate in the whole ordeal,” Lalos said. “I only had harbored the slightest suspicion that I had a chance of being crowned. When I heard my name being announced, I was elated. I have to recognize the fact that my outward style is largely different from everyone else that I had the opportunity to share the field with, and I want to acknowledge how happy I was being able to represent a unique subculture by being crowned queen in mismatched heels, tall, puffy, hair, and makeup that commemorated a favorite band of mine, Bauhaus.”

As for the homecoming game, the Silverado Skyhawks varsity football team blew out their opponents 56-12 with touchdowns by senior runningback John Agounke and junior quarterback Brandon Tunnel.  

“The goal was to put on a show,” said defensive tackle Derrick Lyons, 12. “Although we would’ve liked a more comfortable win, what’s more entertaining is a nail-biter that comes down to the 4th quarter.”

After the game, the Homecoming Rave took place in the school’s quad. It served as a well-needed school function to let students enjoy their high school years after distance learning separated us.  Students could be seen crazily dancing around the front steps by the admin office together. Many people could be seen wearing elegant attire such as dresses or suits. National Art Honors Society offered arm painting, drew caricatures, and sold glowsticks to students at the rave. It was a successful night for them as they made over $200.